Stone Firepits

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Stone Firepits

Dress up your outdoor living space! Get ready for cool weather in your backyard by installing a fir pit! Made from recycled granite it is a great to enjoy with friends and family.

Backyard Fire Pit Kits

Easy assembly and packaged for pick up.

Backyard fire pits are popular feature to add to your property. Build your own fire pit for the backyard, deck, or patio.  These stacked stones look better than the ordinary concrete pavers found at your local home improvement store. Gather around this firepit year around with your family and friends.

Imagine sitting outside in almost any weather, sipping wine, and relaxing by your fire pit. Elevate your outdoor living options with lasting beauty and warmth.  Perfect for small and large spaces. Save money by building your own fire pit using recycled granite materials.  Our above ground firepits are easy to assemble.


On Sale for Only $190!

Firepit Specials

Outdoor fire pits continue to be a major patio and backyard decorating trend.  The reason they are so popular is they transform your patio into a outdoor living space – a gathering space for that you can enjoy over and over again. Fire pits are so popular in Colorado that many builders now include them as a standard option in new homes.

Where to place your granite firepit

Most stone firepits are placed on a non-flamable surface such as gravel, concrete,pavers, or stone. We advise caution be used if you plan to place your firepit on wood decking as embers can land on the surface and possibly ignite the wood decking.

Finishing Touches

To complete your outdoor living space, gather your chairs in a circle around your fire pit.  To further customize the look, some homeowners include a lighted path from the home to the fire pit area.  Soft Outdoor LED lighting along the path adds a finished look.