Learn More About Granite

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Learn More About Granite

While today, consumers use the term ‘granite’ as a catchall term to mean any stone like surface – there are actually many different types of materials used for custom countertops.  The most popular custom surface we install is made of natural Granite.  Granite is a rock found naturally in the earth.  So if you are wondering exactly what we mean when we refer to granite, here’s a quick guide so you can learn more about granite.

What exactly is granite?

Most simply granite is a rock.  Most likely if you ever go hiking in the USA, you have walked on granite and gravel made of granite.  It is a very common rock.

Granite is a very hard rock.  It is a very durable material.  Granite is very heavy. Granite is a durable, naturally occurring material that is a very convenient for fixing countertops and home décors. The toughness of granite countertops means that as a homeowner you don’t have to worry about scratches from knives, cutlery or heated cookware.