Marble in the Bathroom

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Marble in the Bathroom

Marble is Stunning for Bathroom Design

First of all, the use of marble countertops creates a spectacular and beautiful design esthetic due to its elegance and good looks. The simple beauty of the material remains the number one reason why marble is so popular for bathroom design.   It has a wonderful elegant feel.  Marble has a wide array of color choice ranging from solid white or black, yellow, rose, gray, white, green and black spectrums. With natural marble, the look is always unique and individualized because there are no two slabs that are just alike.

Secondly, marble countertops are durable. They are heat-resistant. When used in the bathroom, they don’t get marred by a curling irons and other hair styling tools unless the tool is left on it hot for a considerable amount of time.

Should I be worried about scratches and stains with marble?

There are two main concerns when it comes to the use of marble countertops in the bath. The first is its porous nature. The best remedy for this is to make certain you have a professional seal your marble surfaces in the bathroom.

Due to it’s porous nature, marble may absorb liquids rather quickly. Spills that contain strong colors and chemicals may permeate deeply into a unsealed marble surface very quickly.  Once a spill has been absorbed is extremely difficult to remove from unsealed marble.

So, it is advisable to be cautious with items like liquid makeup, nail polish, hair color, or nail polish removers which can stain marble countertops.

The second issue of concern counters is that the material isn’t as scratch resistant as granite when using knives and/or sharp objects. This is because they get easily scratched the surface. In addition, heavy objects may chip the marble countertops or break off a corner.

Ceramic and stone objects can produce light scratching on unsealed marble surfaced. Since most people don’t cook in their bathrooms it is usually not a problem! But care should be taken when sliding decorative items around the bathroom, especially rough soap dishes or items made of stone or ceramic.

While the bathroom certainly doesn’t endure the same use as a kitchen counter where it is routine to cut foods – it is still advisable to keep this in mind.  Avoid cutting activities or home improvement projects on marble countertops – use a workbench instead.  With normal use, marble is excellent in the bathroom and surface scratching is not an issue.

Marble in the Bathroom

All in all, marble countertop tops are highly recommended for the bathroom.  If you are considering a bathroom renovation, custom marble is definitely worth close consideration to further customize your project.