Go ahead; get a little edgy!

Our fabrication process allows for many different types of edges.  With these choices, you can select a stone surface edge shape that is unique for your application. What is an edge profile?  It is simply the shape of your stone countertop’s edge.  Little details like edge design can make a big impact in the look of room.

We have plenty of edge design choices to choose from.

Selection and attention to detail is what has made us Sioux Falls’ leading granite countertop installation company for over 5 years.

The edges of your custom granite or stone countertops is one element where attention to detail during fabrication and installation is critical. You have many more options for the edge selection when you choose custom countertops instead of prefabricated countertops.

While bull nose is considered a “standard” edge, it is still a very popular choice.  In addition, we offer many elegantly crafted edges for Sioux Falls and Colorado Springs’ most exclusive homes.We offer your choice of the following edging as shown in the photos below.

Edge Treatments for Granite and Natural Stone

Even though the edge is physically a only a small part of the countertop, it makes a huge difference in the look of the finished kitchen counters.

A finely crafted edge profile enhances the natural beauty of the stone slab. Edge design and selection set the tone and mood for your countertops.  Most homeowners choose a style that integrates into the design of the room.

Do we cut custom edges?

Yes we do! Call us to to discussed custom edges and pricing. So go ahead! There is no need to hold back! Distinguish your look with a custom edge from Granite Accents.

Browse our EDGE CHOICES for custom countertops made from Stone and Quartz

**Additional Price is per linear foot of finished edge.

Need help selecting a edge?

We have years and years of experience helping our customer select an edge treatment for their slabs of stone.

First, you want to think about where the slab will be installed. It is a kitchen, bath, home bar, or great room?

If the rooms has many soft rounded corners, arch windows, and other curved lines, then using rounded edges such as a bull nose or pencil edge will give a coherent, pulled together look.

Do straight, sleek lines stand out in your room?  Then you may want to consider more straight and square edges.  Our straight, beveled and chamfer edges are all choices you may want to consider.

More complex edge treatments, such as the waterfall, usually complement cabinet trim or other architectural details.

The slab edge detail is indeed the finishing touch – the icing on the cake – for your custom counter tops.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss edge options. We are here to help. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you choose Granite Accents in Sioux Falls, SD and Colorado Springs, CO.