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Matching Cabinets and Countertops

When you’re working on your kitchen, there are certainly a lot of things to think about. One of the most important decisions that you’re going to make is, of course, your countertop. Not only is it an important surface for the work you’ll be doing in your kitchen, your countertop can also make or break the look of the room as well.

Matching Stone Countertops

Along with the cabinets and the appliances, the countertop is either going to tie your kitchen together… or tear it apart. It’s a challenge, but it’s also a good problem to have, because you’ve got the ability to set the tone for the style that you really want in your home.

Dark Cabinets and Light Countertops

If you’ve got dark cabinets, you’ve probably thought a little bit more about getting a light countertop. That makes sense. Contrast is a good thing, and you might not want your kitchen to be too dark. A light-colored granite countertop can really brighten up your kitchen, and can give you a number of different looks.

A white granite countertop, for example, is going to give you a really sleek, modern look in your kitchen. Dark brown or black cabinets are very popular these days, and work extremely well in a more modern kitchen. White granite isn’t just plain white, either. It comes in a number of different variations with all kinds of slight tints and hues within the stone. You can get a bit of blue, brown, red, grey, or other tones mixed in, but overall what you’re getting is a bright white countertop that’s going to pair well with your cabinetry.

Beige granite is another option that, like white, will brighten your kitchen. Beige is the most popular countertop color, as it suits all kinds of colors and all kinds of tastes. Similar to white granite, you can get it with a number of different accent colors within the stone, but what you’re really getting is a color option that’s not going to be taking unnecessary risks with your kitchen’s style. Beige will give you a great mix of modern and classic.

Dark Cabinets and Dark Countertops

Dark Cabinets and Dark Countertops

When it comes to dark countertops with dark cabinets, you’re taking a bit more of a chance, but if do it right, you can create an incredibly striking look. Dark granite countertops are available in a number of color options. You can go with an almost completely black look with all kinds of accent colors, from bright and bold to subtle and quiet, and you’ll get a really bold, rich appearance in your kitchen. You might want to go with more of a dark grey or charcoal color as well, which will still give you a bold look.

A bit more of an aggressive choice when it comes to dark granite countertops is a red one. You’ll definitely be able to stand out from the crowd a little bit with a red countertop, and you’ll get a much more dramatic look than you would from almost any other color.

Like anything else, clearly, kitchen countertops are a matter of personal preference and taste. If you’ve got dark cabinets and you want a bright, modern look, lighter-colored countertops are going to be your best option. If you’re after more of a rich, striking, unique look, you can go dark. Either way, a stone countertop is going to stand the test of time and be something that you’re extremely proud of.

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