Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops

Benefits of Granite Countertops

When you think of a high-end custom kitchen, do you imagine granite countertops? If you answered yes, then you are not alone. Most Americans agree - granite is THE most popular material for custom kitchens.

In fact, granite and natural stone countertops give every kitchen an upscale designer look. Granite countertops are often considered the best in class and quality.  Just browse any real estate website and you will find listings often include a mention of granite countertops as a top selling point for the home.

At Granite Accents, we find that most of our customers choose granite for the look, but love it for the durability.  Not simply another pretty face – there are more benefits to granite than meets the eye.

Granite Countertops Sioux Falls and Colorado Springs


Granite is rock, a stone, a material mined from the earth. Each “new” slab of granite that we receive into our Colorado Springs or Sioux Falls showroom is actually not new at all. It is millions of years old. Granite differs from marble in that it is one of the most durable surfaces you can install in your home.

What could be more durable than an actual piece of ROCK in your kitchen?  While granite and stone must be sealed properly by a professional, you can expect your new granite countertops to last many years.  Granite will most likely be the very last countertop you will ever need to buy. Granite and natural stone countertops hold their value longer than any other material because they are more durable, and more popular, than any other countertop surface.

Wide Selection

Granite occurs in nature in a large selection of different colors and varieties.  While pricing does indeed reflect the availability, or scarcity, of certain types of granite; the choices are almost unlimited.  We purchase and source our granite slabs from very large suppliers. Our customers get to choose the exact stone that matches both their checkbooks and their design preferences.

Easy to Maintain

Granite is one of the easiest materials to maintain.  Granite kitchen countertops are extremely durable, but if unprotected, they are not completely unaffected by stains and heavy use.  Regular care, although minimal, is still needed. Download and print our Granite Care Guide and keep in a kitchen drawer for easy reference.


It is essential to have your granite countertops properly sealed by a granite professional.  Our crews at Granite Accents, in Sioux Falls, SD and Colorado Springs, CO are experts in properly sealing and protecting your granite countertops.

The most important reason for sealing granite it that this stone is naturally porous. It can absorb water, grease, or oily liquids. This can result in permanent staining. Sealers fill in all the tiny holes, pores, and crevices that occur naturally in stone countertops.  When properly sealed, all liquids and solids simply sit on top of the sealer and are not absorbed by the counter top itself.  After the slab is properly sealed, food and spills that occur with normal kitchen use can simply be wiped away! Be sure to check the ingredients in 409 and Windex cleaners, which could contain citrus and can etch natural stone.

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are bacterial resistant. Granite contains no organic material that can harbor bacteria.  This material provides a very sanitary and clean surface free of microorganisms.

Just because granite can benefit from regular care doesn’t mean these countertops are high maintenance. In fact, many homeowners choose granite over other materials because they prefer a carefree lifestyle. They don’t want to be bothered with cleaning grout on tile countertops, or worse – replacing laminate countertops every few years due to unsightly scratches, burns, and stains.

We encourage you to take your time in making your decision regarding granite countertops.  Give it some thoughtful consideration and think about the colors, patterns, and finishes you prefer.  Give us a call to help you with your decision.

Before and After Granite

Beauty in Granite

Yes, of course a wise homeowner will consider durability, price, and maintenance when selecting materials for our home, but the truth is most choose granite for its sheer beauty!

We understand why you would choose granite for its looks!  Selecting a beautiful slab is fun and exciting for most homeowners.

Granite brings a level of luxury and sophistication to your kitchen that is hard to duplicate with other materials. 

Due to the crystal patterns, lines, and swirls; granite literally reflects light differently during different times of the day.  A true piece of art; this natural stone displays subtle nuances of color and pattern throughout the day.  As the seasons come and go, the colors and reflections change as well due to the way the sunlight plays and bounces off the stone.


The veining and natural markings that are found in granite and stone materials are unparalleled in the man-made world.  To this day, there is just something special about the beauty found in each slab of stone.  Like snowflakes, each and every slab is unique and one of a kind.  The color, texture, and design of a natural stone or granite slab is what has our customers choosing this material again and again.

Check out how granite transformed this ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary kitchen!

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Download this helpful homeowners guide (.pdf ) from the Marble Institute of America.

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