Marble is an extremely popular countertop material, especially for use in the bathroom.  It is a stone that is comprised of crystalline metamorphic limestone.

Marble is available in hundreds of colors including spectacular whites.  The color and pattern variations are caused by impurities in the material such as iron or carbon getting caught in the stone when it is created.  The impurities often appear as stripes and swirls making it especially stunning when the marble is cut and polished.

Are you looking to upgrade your existing vanity tops with custom marble? Perhaps you are remodeling your master bathroom suite and want something elegant and refined? Are you considering marble for your new home?

Whatever the situation, we are here to help you with your natural or manufactured stone countertop selection, design, and installation. We have the skill, technology, tools, inventory, and most of all the experience to fabricate and install stunning marble surfaces for use throughout your home.

Marble Countertops

Benefits of Marble

When choosing marble for bathroom vanity tops, it is essential to learn about the benefits as well as the limitations of this amazing material. Unlike man-made counters, marble is strong and durable. Marble is an breathtaking surface, but more delicate than granite. Marble is well known for upscale, elegant home applications.

More than just Bathrooms

There are many places in the home where marble can be used.  In addition to bathrooms, it is also very popular for use on fireplaces, shelving, and tabletops. Marble is ideal for the places that experience light use and low levels of traffic. If not cared for properly, a polished marble surface can experience etching when subjected to household acids especially those containing citrus.

Using Marble in the Kitchen

Marble should be used in the kitchen only after careful consideration. We recommend it for use in the kitchen only in areas that will not experience a lot of heavy cooking usage. It may scratch more easily from cutting and sliding ceramic dishes across it.

Marble can be damaged and discolored by the heat of hot cooking utensils. Be sure not to set hot pots and pans on the surface as you might with granite.  Always use trivets, potholders, and other protection under hot pans and dishes.

Marble stains more easily than granite.  Avoid leaving spilled liquids on the surface such as red wine, juices, alcoholic beverages, grease, and oil.  While all natural stone is sealed on installation, re-sealing every few years is also recommended.

Marble is an absorbent stone and is acid sensitive. Lemon and tomato juice are notorious for etching marble surfaces. This “etching” will change the texture and dull the surface.  Take care to wipe acidic spills up immediately.

But don’t let this deter you from choosing marble. This stone has been used in building for hundreds if not thousands of years. Marble is stunning when used on vertical surfaces, such as fireplaces or walls. In such cases it is more durable and less likely to experience damage when compared to countertops with heavy kitchen use.

At Granite Accents, every marble installation is properly sealed for lasting beauty.  

It can be a wonderful material to showcase the uniqueness of your room and bring out your artistic flair. We will advise and help you select the right material for the right location in your home.

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