Custom Granite Countertop Surfaces in Colorado Springs

Granite Colorado Springs – Granite Accents is a leading local granite countertop company.  We specialize in custom countertops and granite and stone surfaces.  We fabricate and install beautiful granite in the Colorado Springs, CO region.  Although granite is the top choice of materials for most homeowners, we also install custom countertops in marble and manufactured stone surfaces.

We offer outstanding craftsmanship with our experience crews.  It is our personal service and carefully managed, custom installation process that sets us apart from other granite companies in Colorado Springs.  We believe in working closely with each of our customers in order to deliver custom look and designer kitchens and baths.

Granite Colorado Springs

Granite Colorado Springs

We install custom granite for kitchen countertops, vanity tops, tub surrounds, fireplace surrounds, bars, and other surfaces for homes and offices. Our Colorado Springs crews are experts at custom fabrication and high-end designer looks.  We use state of the art technology and fast project completions times. We have a wide selection of slabs on site, as well as business relationships with many large slab companies in Denver and Colorado Springs.

Granite Accents Colorado Spring is a leading custom countertop provider across the front range and the Pikes Peak region.  We invite you to bring any and all of your questions to us.  We are happy to help our customers with the selection process so that they can get the exact look they want.

Excellent Customer Service – we are known throughout Colorado Springs as providing top notch service for our customers.  We have experienced, local crews only. Scott Fedders, our Colorado Springs owner, works closely with customers and contractors for each step of the project. We take great pride in each project and provide outstanding customer service to each and every customer.

Granite Accents Colorado Springs

High Quality Granite for Colorado Springs

We never sell or install cut-rate, inferior products. Granite and Stone is a major investment for your home or commercial building. At Granite Accents Colorado Springs, we believe in providing only high quality materials and craftsmanship. Don’t be fooled by specials and too-good-to-be-true offers from stores and companies that may install inferior products.  Our company installs only high-grade materials.

Considering Granite for your Colorado Springs home?

There are many benefits for choosing granite, some of the most important are durability and return on investment.  Granite countertops are one of the best upgrades you can add to your home.  With custom granite, you can be certain your home has a unique look all it’s own.

Contact our Colorado Springs location today to get started with new granite or marble in your home or office today!

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