At Granite Accents, we install custom designer granite, stone, and quartz surfaces for bathrooms including vanity tops, tub surrounds, showers, and other high-end applications.

Bathroom Vanity Countertops

All About Stone and Granite in the Bathroom

In the bathroom, granite and stone are the most popular materials selected for vanity tops when designing a custom bathroom. In addition to the vanity top, some homeowners also choose to highlight a showcase bathtub or shower with custom granite and stone. Other homeowners go all out with a super luxe, European look and also install marble or natural stone on the walls.

Whatever the budget, most designers agree that in a standard or upgraded bathroom, the vanity top, sinks, cabinets, and mirrors are the focal points of the room.

Selecting Custom Vanity Tops for Bathrooms

If you are building a new home or undergoing a complete remodel; the easiest choice for vanity top surfaces is to simply use the same countertop material as the kitchen. In fact, most large volume home contractors do just that when building cookie-cutter homes that so they can buy in bulk and save money.

Today, however, homeowners have many choices allowing them to customize their bathroom vanity top and get away from the same look as everyone else in the neighborhood.

When compared to the kitchen, the bathroom allows more design choices since the surface is not subject to the harsh treatment of hot pots and pans, cutting, and other kitchen activities that sometimes limit your choices.

While it is true that steamy showers and splashy children take their toll on bathrooms, for the most part the vanity tops are immune from this. Vanity tops need to be both durable and easy to clean. They are often subject to soap scum and cosmetics, which can seep into the delicate pours of some stone surfaces is not properly sealed. The vanity top could get more harshly used in a busy family bathroom, so it is important to select a surface that is best for your specific needs.

The size of vanity tops are often times much smaller than the size of kitchen counter tops. This enables the homeowner to be able to splurge a bit more in selecting a custom vanity top. Many homeowners can upgrade and enjoy a touch of a luxurious granite or unusually textured natural stone slab for their bathroom countertops while still keeping the cost within their budget.

If you want a custom look for a small sink in your bathroom, be sure to browse our special stock – you can will get an excellent price these small pieces of granite and natural stone!

Granite Vanity Tops

Granite Vanity Tops

A custom granite vanity top has a rich look, and also increases the value of your home. Professionally installed granite holds up really well over time compared to cheaper substitutes like laminate and wood.

Granite vanity tops transform a “so-so” bathroom into a “oh-my-goodness!” bathroom.

At Granite Accents, we install more granite in bathrooms for vanity tops than any other surface. But it’s not your only choice - we offer lovely marble options and manufactured stone surfaces.


Marble Bathrooms and Vanity Tops

Marble is a classic look that is a favorite choice for vanity tops year in and year out. Keep in mind that marble is more susceptible to staining. We will discuss the technical and maintenance aspects thoroughly with you so you can make a choice that is perfect for your lifestyle and family.

As its name tells us, marble is usually marbled in color, mixing white and gray.  This natural stone comes in many different variations - some more speckled, and others more veined/striped with deep grays and blue gray tones.

White marble with gray veining is a popular choice for bathroom countertops. It has a very clean look. White marble is light in color and creates a stunning focal point for a bathroom vanity top. The most well known type of marble is called Carrara Marble from Italy. Although people often refer to all white marble as Carrara Marble, it is actually a specific kind of marble from the town of Carrara in Italy.

Manufactured Stone Vanity Tops

Manufactured Stone Vanity

Manufactured stone, or quartz, is a man-made material designed for durably and beauty in bathroom vanity tops. Companies like Ceasarstone Hanstone, Silestone and others offer a huge selection of colors and materials. Manufactured stone vanity tops exhibit good performance and long durability when used for bathroom countertops.

Manufactured stone is more consistent in color and pattern than natural stone. It does not contain veining and therefore matching seams is not an concern. With manufactured stone, we can fabricate a custom vanity top with your own shape and edge choices to get a unique look for your bathroom.
Love the look of pure, white marble? Marble that is free from all veining and color is one of the most expensive materials on earth, due to its’ rarity. But with manufactured vanity tops you can get the same look at a fraction of the cost of pure white marble.

Is quartz manufactured stone more expensive than granite and marble?  Yes. While quartz is a great choice for those looking for consistent pattern with whites and grays, please be aware that this material does tend to be more expensive than granite and marble.

Granite and Stone for Master Bathroom Suites

While the size and layout of your master bathroom suite is an important consideration, the surfaces in your master bath is what gives it the wow factor. Choosing custom stone for your vanity top and bathroom accents can help you create the master bathrooms of your dreams. Dream big or small, at Granite Accents we design, fabricate, cut, and install custom stone using our experienced crews to bring your bathroom dreams to life.


Imagine soaking in a roman tub, complete with a custom marble surround. Or a rustic tub, placed in the middle of the room, with warm-toned granite all around and a stunning mountain view through the window. Or perhaps a old fashioned claw-foot tub with a custom shower with granite accents.
Go ahead and dream it. Bring us your ideas and we can make them happen with beautiful granite and stone tub surrounds and surfaces.

Custom Stone Bathtubs

Bathroom Color and Design Considerations
Many times tile is used in the shower stall, floors, and walls of today’s bathrooms. If this is the case, be sure bring your tile samples with you when selecting your stone vanity tops.

Which one comes first? Tile or Stone?
Customers often ask us if they should select their tile or their granite first? The answer is either! There is no wrong order, however, if selecting granite or natural stone, it might be easier to select your stone slabs first and then find coordinating tiles. Many homeowners go all out with a high-end granite bathroom countertops, then balance their budget by choosing an economic tile for the shower stall or tub surround.
Don't worry if you have already fallen in love with a certain tile, you can usually find a natural stone choice that is a perfect fit for your tile selection.

Ready to get started with your new bathroom vanity top or granite tub?

Give us a call or email at either our Sioux Falls, SD location or our Colorado Springs, CO location.  We will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with an estimate in a timely manner.  Call us today!


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